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Our Journey.....!

The origins of the name Panshikar can be traced to PANSHI, a small village at the Goa Maharashtra border

Our shop also caters for the snacks esp required during fasting for e.g sabudaana vada,bataata puri, peanut usal, pattice etc.) At Girgaum, we were the pioneers for preparing fasting Misal (farali misal) which became very popular among our customers though we also cater for puneri missal. very soon we shall also start our very own brahmani thali for lunch and dinner. at the moment we do have puri bhaji , masale bhaat, kurma puri served in our outlets in girgaum and vile parle. soon we shall also have a self service restaurant in thakurdwar serving all these items at a FAST speed.

In 1992 we took over this shop in gordhandas bldg about 2 bldgs away with the kind cooperation of Mr. sonu bhau panshikar. this shop was by the name BABURAO PUROHIT, and this was the shop where my father had worked foe some time. Finally, in 1992 with everybody’s help and cooperation I could finally take things in my control and since then we have never looked back. With all the cooperation from our customers, infact I would also like like to add that all this while I could confidently take such steps because of my two graduate sons’ constant support and interest.

We are still flourishing today and all the three shops are doing very well . During these years so far I would like to add the phrase “ kaamgaar sukhi..tar maalak sukhi “ has been our motto wherein we have not gone through any obstacles. We have also been smoothly running. The present restaurant has been named as Panshikar Aahar because we not only sell snacks but also sell mini meals etc as part of our snacks. now we have an outlet in vile parle as well. here we serve snacks and sweets as well, thast is the reason we have called it panshikar sweets and snacks.